In what industry is ICT?

ICT focuses on international trade & development by disrupting and changing traditional software distribution channels. ICT’s leverage lies in combining the crowd and gig economy.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment. Direct selling allows individuals with no experience to start a business with modest overheads. Direct selling offers user-friendly entrepreneurship to anyone: minor start-up costs and no experience required is all you need to start a business. In direct selling, distributors earn income by selling products directly to the customer. What’s more, Direct selling allows entrepreneurs to recruit others to join their sales network, sell products and increase their income potential.

Why do I have to buy ICT products through a distributor?

ICT collaborates with network marketing ventures where sales depend on the distributor’s ability to share products and business opportunities. ICT strives to connect apps, software and services to committed and ambitious salespeople.

Why haven’t I heard of ICT products?

ICT’s portfolio of apps, software and services are sold exclusively through our ventures and affiliates. You will not find them through any other online retailers.

Why doesn’t ICT sell products in stores?

ICT’s direct selling business model is built on recommendations from ICT’s members to their customers.

Do you take your Corporate Social Responsibility seriously?

For ICT to operate successfully as a privately held company it has an obligation to generate profitable results. Part of our revenue will be earmarked for charity projects. We aim to motivate and engage our successful leaders to join us in sustainable, legitimate charity projects.

During Q1 and Q2 of 2020, ICT will develop and launch the company’s CRS policy.

Why are you involved in online gambling and the sale of lottery tickets?

As the first vertical for digital products, it is logical to start with the industry that pays the highest commissions for new customer acquisitions. It is also the industry that is most used to work with affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is one of the most widespread industries. Finally, online gambling is heavily regulated and a sector where player protection and compliance has come a very long way in the past 5 years.

How much of your revenue is, or will be spent on CSR or charity related projects?

We are a start-up and cannot predict, or reveal, our long-term revenues with any certainty. Nevertheless, we are passionately committed to making a positive impact in the third world – which means engaging in CSR going forward.

Why will you be involved in CSR?

We believe that in today’s world CSR is an essential part of running a business. It our responsibility to engage in sustainable, long-term projects that benefit communities in need.

Is ICT compliant?

Yes. For ICT to operate successfully as a privately held company within the European Union, we must comply with the relevant rules and regulations. Due to the nature and reputation of the industry we operate in, we have chosen complete transparency with respect to our business ventures. You can find further information under Corporate Social Responsibility (to be launched during Q2 of 2020).

Do you KYC* all of your customers?

Yes. We spend considerable human and financial resources on KYC procedures to verify our members. As KYC is a legal requirement, it is part of the expected compliance process within the European Union.

‍*Know Your Customer

Does ICT pay taxes?

Yes. This is part of ICT’s compliance and corporate governance policy. Furthermore, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading auditing companies to ensure we are fully compliant from a financial and legal standpoint.

Why do some people post negative stuff about Crowd1?

Understanding our business model might seem difficult if you are not an active member of our network. Not having the right information and guides to help you can therefore create confusion and misunderstanding.

Does Crowd1 have real customers?

Yes. Crowd1 works with various affiliates that market products for our network to re-sell and/or for our members’ benefit.

Is Crowd1 a scam?

No, Crowd1 is not a scam. We are a crowd marketing company that sells products and services through our affiliates. Moreover, ICT (and Crowd1) conducts business in accordance with the strictest European compliance policies, supervised by one of the world’s largest auditing companies.

What does Crowd1 sell?

Currently, Crowd1 sells education and training packages. However, through our affiliate partners we offer various apps, software and services. During Q2 of 2020, ICT will provide Crowd1 with additional products and services that the member network can re-sell and make extra income from.

How Does Crowd1 Profit Sharing Work?

Unlike with other companies that gives incentives yearly, Crowd1 gives incentives quarterly. What we will receive QUARTERLY is a DIVIDENDS from the 40% Profit sharing from Crowd1 compensation program that awards its affiliate a percentage of the company’s profits. The value that is distributed quarterly is not consistent or fixed because the amount awarded is based on the company’s earnings over a set period of time.

Let me give you one example. What if you would be the owner of 100 shares Microsoft.

The value of 1 share Microsoft is $189. In the past 3 years Microsoft gave $ 0.51 dividend per share. So, you own 100 x 189 = $ 18,900 and you get dividend of only $ 51. You received a little share in the profit of the company, that is shared amongs all shareholders of Microsoft.

The system with Crowd1 is the same.

Let’s say the profit in the past 2 months was 2,5 million euro. 40% will go to the members with a paid education pack, and owning C1 Rewards. In this example this is 1 million euro. Let’s assume there are a total of 1 billion C1 Rewards amongst the members.

Then the 1 million euro has to be shared amongs 1 billion C1 Rewards, which results in a profit sharing of € 0.001 per C1 Reward…..

Conclusion: The higher you gather C1 Rewards, the higher you will receive quarterly dividends.

Are Crowd1’s products safe?

Many of our affiliate partners operate within the online gaming and gambling industry. Nevertheless, in order to remain compliant, and for player protection purposes, we only cooperate with partners that adhere to the strictest industry rules and regulations. Again, we do so to ensure that gambling and betting are conducted in the safest, most responsible manner.

Why does Crowd1 charge a fee to register?

Crowd1 does not charge a registration fee. You purchase an education and training package when you become a member of Crowd1. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything to become a member.

If a member no longer wishes to be a member of Crowd1 – do they get their registration fee back?

No. The education and training package you purchase when you become a member of Crowd1 is non-refundable.

Can members quit Crowd1?

Yes. Members are not obligated to stay with Crowd1 and can leave whenever they like.

Does Crowd1 require members to spend money on training and events?

Members purchase an education and training package when they become members of Crowd1. Choosing to upgrade an education package or attend any of our member events (some events require a ticket purchase) is voluntary.‍

Do people in Crowd1 focus more on recruiting than selling products?

ICT’s primary objective will be to supply Crowd1’s members with a library of products, apps, software and services to recommend and sell. For each sale, Crowd1 members will receive a commission. Hence, commissions paid will primarily be as a result of the sale of products/services (provided by ICT). For this reason, ICT is currently recruiting a Product Team whose main objective will be to find suitable products for Crowd1’s membership base.

Do I have to stock inventory to sell?

No. Crowd1’s portfolio of products consists of software and apps.

How long does it take to make money with Crowd1?

With Crowd1, members decide how much time they want to spend on the business. Bonuses and remuneration are based on individual sales performance – i.e. the selling of products that are, and will be, made available (from ICT) through our affiliates.

Can you make a living by working with Crowd1 full-time?

Crowd1’s network consists of millions of highly ambitious members with a desire for entrepreneurship and sales, which provides both employment and a source of income. However, the nature of the industry means there are no guarantees, only opportunity.

Is Crowd1 a cult?

No, Crowd1 is not a cult. But we are fortunate to have enthusiastic members.

Is Crowd1 a pyramid scheme?

No. A lack of understanding – especially on social media – has resulted in scores of reputable crowd marketing and online networking companies being labelled this way.

Does a member who has joined early make all the money?

No, this is a common misconception. There is not a direct link between when a member joins Crowd1 and how much money he/she can make. However, earnings depend on each member’s ability to grow their network of customers and the sales of apps, software(s) and services.

Some of your shareholders seem to have been involved in controversy.

As with all entrepreneurship, failure is common. According to Forbes, up to 90% of all start-ups fold. It’s hard to ”succeed”. Failure is simply part of long learning curve that (hopefully) leads to fewer mistakes in the future.